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Products > Explosion Proof LED Light

illuxor LED Explosion Proof Light


Explosion Proof LED Light
Classification DIMENSIONS
D (ø) H
IL-EXP-A1 IP65 AC176/264V 20W/40W/60W Zone1 Zone2 Zone21 IIA IIB IIC 280 240

Explosion Rating EXDII
Working Temperature -40c ~ 60c / -40f ~ 140f


Typical Application:
Tunnel | Factory | Petrol Station | Inflammable Area | Detonable Area


Note: Initial charge for emergency function should be more than 24hours.


Features & Characteristic:
Explosion proof design
Built-in auto-recharge emergency function
80% lumen maintenance over 50,000hours
Built-in surge protection
Maintenance free
Mercury free
No UV or IR
Universal input without additional adapter ,
40-315Vac, 40-400Vdc
Instant start and flicker free
High uniformity and color rendering

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